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We are Film & Light Studio. Lovers of all things film and natural light. We are storytellers and photography is our storytelling medium of choice. We believe that your wedding is one of the most significant events of your lives together. It's your day. It's your story. It's our job to preserve the story and to capture the day exactly as it happens.


A Brief history

About twelve years ago I started photography as a hobby -- or more of an outlet -- to counter-balance my life in the world of IT. I constantly sought out opportunities to make photographs and people to do so with. I often did my editing at the local Starbucks, which was a haven for some really talented local artist. 
On one of those trips I was having a conversation about a book that I saw a young man reading when my mouth moved quicker than my brain.  

During the conversation the young man noticed that the pictures I was working on were of a young lady that he recognized. She was friends with his fiance. In practically one breath he complimented the pictures, asked if I knew his fiance and then asked if I would photograph his wedding. Without much thought I quickly said 'Yes'
Here I am twelve years later, very thankful for that spur of the moment "I do"

It all started over a conversation about a book at a coffee shop

about me

I am a Believer, a husband, a father, a friend and then a wedding photographer.

Wedding photographs should tell a story -- your story. Your wedding day will be full of life and energy. It will be fluid in nature; taking its form from your emotion and spirit. It's a dynamic dance between you and your guests. Like your guests, I will follow your lead.

I believe God created each person with unique talents to be used to serve and bless others. I am thankful to have been given these talents and sharing them with the world is where I find my utmost fulfillment in life.

I love what I do and I love my clients! 

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Up to six (6) hours of wedding day coverage. 

Up to eight (8) hours of wedding day coverage.

Up to ten (10) hours of wedding day coverage.

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Collection II

Collection III

Cayne and his team were fantastic wedding photographers! It poured down rain but they were right there in it taking as many of the pictures I asked for as possible. They were such good sports and Cayne is a phenomenally talented photographer. I highly recommend him!

krystle & colin


My biggest problem with photography... I HATE having my picture taken! I never had that "someone is taking my picture" feeling. You just blended into the background. The entire experience was wonderful from start to finish and you will always have my referral should someone ask. Thanks Cayne!!!

angela & mike


Cayne was a fantastic photographer for our engagement shoot and wedding. He made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and was very aware of our wants and needs. We had two shy flower girls and both of them warmed up to Cayne within minutes. He really made everyone feel at ease and was both laid back and professional.

lauren & nick


Cayne did both our engagement and wedding photos, and they turned out beautifully. He was so much fun to work with and he made us laugh, which really helped us relax in front of the camera and get some genuine smiles. He’s calm and collected, something that’s really nice to have on the big day!  

lesa & arthur



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